Xperia™ E3 (D2203)

CDA Name Version Updated Discovered
1287-9861 O2 IE 18.5.C.0.19-R10B Unknown
1288-2364 Customized NL 18.5.C.0.19-R6B 9 months ago
1287-3048 Customized IT 18.5.C.0.19-R4B Unknown
1288-9127 DE 18.5.C.0.25-R16B Unknown
1289-2344 Vodafone PT 18.4.C.2.12-R7B Unknown
1291-4952 SmarTone HK 18.5.C.0.19-R2B Unknown
1287-0517 Customized UK 18.5.C.0.19-R9B Unknown
1287-9704 Customized PT 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1289-2295 Vodafone UK 18.4.C.2.12-R10B Unknown
1288-4083 3 IE 18.4.C.2.12-R5B Unknown
1288-2369 Customized BE 18.5.C.0.19-R4B 9 months ago
1289-2345 Vodafone GR 18.4.C.1.26-R4B Unknown
1287-8309 Customized HK 18.5.C.0.19-R5B Unknown
1289-4063 Service Exchange Unit 18.4.C.1.29-R1B Unknown
1291-0112 Telekom Srbija RS 18.5.C.0.19-R2B Unknown
1291-4927 StoreFront 18.4.C.2.12-R1B Unknown
1290-6781 T-Mobile SK 18.5.C.0.25-R7B Unknown
1287-1132 Customized NCB 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1287-5910 Cosmote GR 18.5.C.0.25-R10B Unknown
1292-2799 Customized GEL 18.5.C.0.19-R1B Unknown
1287-8389 Customized TH 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1290-9748 Customized IN 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1287-8390 Customized MY 18.5.C.0.19-R5B Unknown
1289-3138 Orange SK 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown
1289-6007 Customized RU 18.5.C.0.19-R6B Unknown
1289-2433 Proximus (Vfe) BE 18.5.C.0.19-R6B Unknown
1289-1276 T-Mobile HU 18.5.C.0.25-R11B Unknown
1287-5911 Customized GR 18.5.C.0.19-R6B Unknown
1287-3639 MTN ZA 18.5.C.0.19-R6B Unknown
1289-2296 Vodacom ZA 18.5.C.0.19-R9B Unknown
1289-2339 Vodafone DE 18.4.C.2.12-R9B Unknown
1288-2366 Meteor IE 18.5.C.0.19-R7B Unknown
1289-2488 SFR FR 18.5.C.0.19-R17B Unknown
1287-8370 Customized PH 18.5.C.0.19-R4B Unknown
1287-6855 Customized CH 18.5.C.0.19-R5B Unknown
1289-9397 Telekom Srpske BA 18.5.C.0.19-R5B Unknown
1289-0511 Customized TR 18.5.C.0.19-R2B Unknown
1289-2505 Vodafone NZ 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown
1289-2341 Vodafone ES 18.4.C.2.12-R10B Unknown
1289-2340 Vodafone CZ 18.5.C.0.19-R11B Unknown
1289-3141 T-mobile UK 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown
1287-0575 Customized MEA 18.5.C.0.19-R2B Unknown
1287-1133 Customized AU 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1289-2338 Vodafone IE 18.5.C.0.19-R7B Unknown
1287-1202 Customized DE 18.5.C.0.19-R9B Unknown
1291-8079 Maroc Telecom MA 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1287-2241 Telenor SE 18.5.C.0.19-R4B Unknown
1287-8444 Customized TW 18.5.C.0.19-R9B Unknown
1288-3520 Virgin Mobile UK 18.5.C.0.19-R7B Unknown
1287-0508 Customized FR 18.5.C.0.19-R7B Unknown
1290-5455 PLAY PL 18.5.C.0.19-R7B Unknown
1291-4922 Promoter 18.4.C.2.12-R1B Unknown
1289-9589 Vip mobile RS 18.5.C.0.19-R2B Unknown
1287-1131 Customized BAL 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1289-2346 Vodafone HU 18.5.C.0.19-R12B Unknown
1287-8387 Customized SG 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1287-1130 Free FR 18.5.C.0.19-R6B Unknown
1288-3671 O2 Pay monthly UK 18.5.C.0.19-R11B Unknown
1289-2501 Vipnet HR 18.5.C.0.19-R9B Unknown
1289-1019 Customized CE1 18.5.C.0.25-R2B Unknown
1287-8702 Jazztel ES 18.5.C.0.25-R7B Unknown
1289-3137 Orange FR 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown
1289-2347 Vodafone RO 18.5.C.0.19-R10B Unknown
1287-8693 Customized ES 18.5.C.0.25-R7B Unknown
1289-3246 Orange ES 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown
1292-1465 T-mobile MK 18.5.C.0.25-R5B Unknown
1288-8059 Polkomtel PLUS PL 18.5.C.0.19-R5B Unknown
1287-4014 Customized ZA 18.5.C.0.19-R3B Unknown
1289-1020 Telenor HU 18.5.C.0.25-R6B Unknown
1289-3041 Commercial and Journalists 18.4.C.2.12-R1B Unknown
1288-9862 MOBITEL SI 18.5.C.0.19-R8B Unknown