Xperia X Compact

Xperia X Compact (SO-02J) - NTT DoCoMo JP

First Seen: 2017-03-11T13:11:34+00:00
Last Updated: 2017-12-13T05:06:34+00:00

Version Release Took Discovered
34.2.B.0.290-R12C 44 days to release 2017-12-13T05:06:34+00:00
34.2.B.0.279-R11C 62 days to release 2017-10-30T05:01:34+00:00
34.2.B.0.265-R10C 61 days to release 2017-08-29T05:01:21+00:00
34.2.B.0.247-R10C 76 days to release 2017-06-28T05:16:22+00:00
34.2.B.0.222-R9C 37 days to release 2017-04-13T05:00:58+00:00
34.2.B.0.211-R9C 32 days to release 2017-03-07T01:51:08+00:00
34.1.B.2.32-R13B 71 days to release 2017-02-02T06:00:47+00:00
34.1.B.2.22-R13B 2016-11-22T21:03:24+00:00