Xperia 1 Pro. Edition

Xperia 1 Pro. Edition (J9150) - Customized JP

First Seen: 2019-10-28T01:34:09+00:00
Last Updated: 2022-06-09T00:05:44+00:00

Version Release Took Discovered
55.2.A.4.332-R5C 503 days to release 2022-06-09T00:05:44+00:00
55.1.A.12.28-R4B 63 days to release 2021-01-21T06:20:10+00:00
55.1.A.9.127-R4B 41 days to release 2020-11-19T05:55:08+00:00
55.1.A.9.75-R4B 210 days to release 2020-10-08T13:20:05+00:00
55.1.A.3.107-R4B 136 days to release 2020-03-12T06:00:56+00:00
55.0.A.10.26-R5A 2019-10-28T01:35:02+00:00