Xperia XA2

Xperia XA2 (H3113) - Telenor RS

First Seen: 2018-01-29T06:32:28+00:00
Last Updated: 2021-01-27T02:15:04+00:00

Version Release Took Discovered
50.2.A.3.77-R1B 126 days to release 2020-08-24T12:18:27+00:00
50.2.A.3.55-R1B 143 days to release 2020-04-20T08:30:34+00:00
50.2.A.3.22-R1B 6 days to release 2019-11-28T08:35:21+00:00
50.2.A.0.400-R1B 317 days to release 2019-11-21T09:45:20+00:00
50.1.A.13.123-R2A 110 days to release 2019-01-08T02:15:34+00:00
50.1.A.13.83-R2A 48 days to release 2018-09-20T01:55:23+00:00
50.1.A.10.51-R2A 41 days to release 2018-08-02T02:10:20+00:00
50.1.A.10.40-R2A 86 days to release 2018-06-21T08:45:17+00:00
50.1.A.5.59-R2A 13 days to release 2018-03-27T02:30:13+00:00
50.1.A.4.102-R2A 43 days to release 2018-03-13T08:45:12+00:00
50.1.A.4.76-R2A 2018-01-29T07:20:02+00:00