Xperia C5 Dual

Xperia C5 Dual (E5563) - PT. ERAJAYA SWASEMBADA Tbk ID

First Seen: 2017-03-11T13:05:28+00:00
Last Updated: 2018-08-01T09:02:21+00:00

Version Release Took Discovered
29.2.B.0.174-R3B 149 days to release 2018-06-25T04:42:25+00:00
29.2.B.0.166-R3B 464 days to release 2018-01-26T10:37:13+00:00
29.2.B.0.129-R3B 30 days to release 2016-10-19T02:50:42+00:00
29.2.B.0.122-R3B 164 days to release 2016-09-18T09:45:39+00:00
29.1.B.0.101-R11A 35 days to release 2016-04-07T02:20:55+00:00
29.1.B.0.87-R11A 2016-03-02T07:53:22+00:00
29.1.B.0.87-R10A Unknown