Xperia Z5

Xperia Z5 (501SO) - SoftBank JP

First Seen: 2017-03-11T13:11:46+00:00
Last Updated: 2021-09-16T05:05:09+00:00

Version Release Took Discovered
32.1.D.0.469-R22C 1365 days to release 2021-09-16T05:05:09+00:00
32.1.D.0.442-R21C 105 days to release 2017-12-21T05:01:30+00:00
32.1.D.0.436-R21C 85 days to release 2017-09-07T05:01:18+00:00
32.1.D.0.430-R20C 94 days to release 2017-06-13T05:06:47+00:00
32.1.D.0.419-R20C 84 days to release 2017-03-10T05:10:10+00:00
32.1.D.0.386-R20C 94 days to release 2016-12-15T05:20:05+00:00
32.1.D.0.349-R20C 123 days to release 2016-09-12T05:15:08+00:00
32.1.D.0.297-R17C 54 days to release 2016-05-12T01:25:04+00:00
32.0.C.0.380-R20B 2016-03-18T05:20:08+00:00
32.0.C.0.359-R19B Unknown